Timing of unprecedented Supreme Court leak sparks furor, invites speculation

In an unprecedented major leak from the Supreme Court on Monday, Politico published a purported draft of the majority opinion from the nine justices that suggests the court has voted to overturn the landmark abortion precedent Roe v. Wade.

Much outrage and speculation ensued. As did questioning of the timing of the leak, which occurred as the documentary chronicling 2020 election fraud “2000 Mules” is about to be released.

“The SCOTUS leak meant to intimidate and threaten the lives of Supreme Court Justices also has the added benefit to take the country’s eye off of the ‘2000 Mules’ release,” said Larry Ward, chairman of the Constitution Rights PAC and member of the Free Press Foundation Advisory Board. “If you are going to lose the worst SCOTUS decision of all time, Roe v. Wade, you might as well use it to distract from the worst election theft of all time.”
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