Rep. Turner Says Biden’s Iran Policies Threaten Mideast Peace, Abandons U.S. Allies

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  • Source: OAN
  • 02/22/2021
Ohio congressman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) recently criticized Joe Biden for making huge political concessions to Iran. On Sunday, the GOP lawmaker said Biden’s promises to restore the nuclear deal with Iran may undermine U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Turner added, Biden gave the Ayatollah regime a pathway to becoming a nuclear-armed state without any consequences. The proliferation of nuclear weapons is prohibited by United Nations (UN) resolutions, many of which were violated by Iran.

Turner went on to stress that Biden is turning his back on U.S. allies in the Middle East while giving Iran a major benefit.

Meanwhile, officials with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came to an agreement with the Ayatollah regime to continue inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities. On Sunday, Iran agreed to allow UN inspectors to monitor their nuclear activities for up to three months.

This follows several international law violations by Iran as it continues to seek development of a nuclear weapon. Despite this latest agreement with the UN, inspectors said Iran has restricted access to some of its nuclear objects.

“My hope and the hope of the IAEA has been to stabilize a situation, which was very unstable,” stated Rafael Grossi, IAEA director. “And I think this technical understanding does it, so that other political consultations on other levels can take place.”

In the meantime, political analysts believe Iran’s deal with the UN could buy the Biden administration more time to negotiate a restoration of the failed nuclear deal.
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