NJ Man Was So Enraged by Trump Flag He Repeatedly Trashed Stranger's Yard in Town Miles Away

A New Jersey man was so enraged by a Trump flag flying outside a nearby house that he for months drove several miles before 5 a.m. to dump trash in the yard, the police said.

Richard Keller, 58, of Franklin Borough, has been accused of disposing his garbage at the Sparta Township home on numerous occasions over the past four months, NJ.com reported last week.

Keller was arrested on July 1 on charges that included criminal mischief and harassment.

“I think you know why,” he allegedly said when police asked him to explain his behavior. “Because of that flag.”

Cameras installed by the unnamed homeowner caught a driver tossing garbage bags out of the car window while driving past the house at around 5 a.m. on June 1, according to the police.
  • The police said they also caught Keller in the act.
“Mr. Keller had such disdain for President Trump that it enraged him that someone was displaying a Trump flag,” Sparta Police Lt. John Lamon said in a statement. “He decided that he would keep throwing garbage on their driveway to cause them inconvenience.”

Keller did not seem to know the Trump supporter.
  • He would have needed to drive at least 4 miles to reach the neighboring town.
  • Neither police nor Keller immediately responded to requests for comment.
It wouldn’t be the first time MAGA-triggered rage has turned neighbor against neighbor.

A New Hampshire woman last month stole and purportedly“recycled” a local lawn sign depicting a Black Lives Matter protester hugging a person in a MAGA hat.
  • The woman, who is white, was unmoved to discover the law sign was a print of a painting by a black artist.
In a more serious incident in February, a Jacksonville, Florida man drove his van into a Republican voter registration tent in the city.

On July 4, a Trump-supporting couple painted over an officially sanctioned Black Lives Matter mural in their Bay Area town.
  • They were charged with hate crimes.
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