Kamala Harris claims Trump will ‘weaponize’ Justice Department ‘against his political enemies’

Vice President Kamala Harris, who is second in line to the White House, said in a speech that she feared that should Donald Trump earn a second term in office, he would "weaponize the Justice Department against his political enemies." She did not note, however, that her boss Joe Biden's administration was the first in history to prosecute a former president for alleged crimes committed in office.

Harris spoke at the 2024 Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans, Louis. Harris was asked by Essence CEO Carline Wanga about "how consequential this election season is." Harris may be looking to take the office herself as rumors swirl about Biden's incompetency to stand for a second term. 

"That is a word that's being used a lot but means something different as we look at what this particular season will leave us with if it doesn't happen in a way that this community needs to participate to make it happen," Wanga said. "Tell us a little bit about what consequential means in this time and why this consequential is very different than any other one we've had in recent history."

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