Highest Number in US History: Border Patrol Logs 8,000 Migrants Entering US Each Day

Immigration authorities are reporting the highest-ever daily number of migrants entering the United States along the southwest border, according to internal Department of Homeland Security communications reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Border Patrol officers are logging roughly 8,000 migrant encounters a day, the highest daily number in U.S. history, the communications show. Such a massive surge in migrants has left agencies such as Customs and Border Protection scrambling to implement new processing systems.

The record number of migrant encounters highlights the little progress the Biden administration has made in solving the border crisis. The news comes as the White House blamed former president Donald Trump for the crisis earlier this week, accusing the previous administration of leaving President Joe Biden with a "broken" immigration system. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the president and claimed the Biden administration is taking "unprecedented action" at the southern border. Those actions, according to the White House, include new border technology and anti-smuggling task forces.
Mexican-American border wall by Greg Bulla is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com
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