Global Food Crisis: Ukrainian Farmers Fearing ‘Hell’ Harvest Amid Ongoing Invasion

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 06/15/2022
Ukrainian farmers are reportedly preparing for a “hell” harvest season, with physical and financial dangers predicted to prevent them from reaping, transporting and selling their crops.

While food prices rise worldwide, reflecting growing shortages, farmers in one of the world’s largest food exporters are struggling to get their crops out of the country and into the hands of buyers, with Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine endangering now endangering both their lives and their livelihoods during this “hell” harvest season.

Moscow has regularly been accused by talking heads in the west of trying to manufacture a global food crisis by preventing crops from leaving Ukraine, with tens of millions of tons of grain said to be stuck in the country.
Farm by Robert Wiedemann is licensed under Unsplash
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