From a booming economy to an economic bust!

It was inevitable but is worth noting that Republican midterm chances seem to be reviving as Election Day, Nov. 8, draws nearer.

Parties hope to find an October surprise to jolt sentiment against opponents late in the race, but voters focus less on passing irritations and more on cardinal concerns the closer they are to making their decision.

As transitory annoyances recede, the public’s abiding worries stand out like rocks increasingly visible above an ebbing tide. So GOP election prospects are helped by the latest Fox News finding that 59% of people are extremely concerned about rising prices. Inflation is unambiguously President Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’ fault — it arrived before Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine allowed the real culprits to muddy the waters — so voters know Washington’s leadership is a pain in their wallets. The opportunity to replace many of them is less than seven weeks away.

The “future of democracy” is extremely concerning to half of respondents, but that cuts both ways because each side seems to represent as much a danger as the other. Then there is abortion policy at 45%, which helps Democrats, and higher crime rates at 43%, which favors Republicans. Two of the three top issues, therefore, break for Republicans.
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