Female swimmers back FINA's ban on biological males competing in women's swimming

Several high profile women swimmers have come out in support of FINA's June 19 decision to ban biological males who identify as transgender from competing in women's sports.

According to The Daily Mail, Australian swimming champions Emily Seebohm and Cate Campbell have openly praised FINA's decision. FINA is the world's largest organizer of water sports, such as the World Aquatics Championships, the World Swimming Championships, and the Swimming World Cup.

Campbell said "without fair competition, sport, in its elite sense, would cease to exist," and unequivocally said that "men and women are physiologically different cannot be disputed."

Four time Olympian Seebohm both lauded FINA's ban on biological males competing in women's sports, but spoke of the fear culture cultivated around the topic.
swim team by Brian Matangelo is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com
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