CRA Volunteers Make Stunning 140,000 Calls for Trump-Endorsed Brian Jack in Georgia

The College Republicans of America worked overtime in the month of June, fiercely campaigning in the Republican primary for Georgia’s House District Three. CRA volunteers from around the country rallied around Trump-endorsed congressional candidate Brian Jack, helping him win a blowout 25-point victory over opponent Mike Dugan after making a record-breaking 140,000 phone calls.

Jack has long been an ally of President Trump, serving in the President’s administration for all four years and eventually reaching the rank of White House Political Director. After working as a senior advisor to his 2024 campaign, Jack decided to run for Congress after the incumbent stepped down. For his years of loyalty to President Trump and his America First message, he immediately received an endorsement from President Trump. 

With Georgia being a must-win state in 2024 and Trump needing allies in Congress, CRA jumped on the opportunity to aid Jack’s Campaign. The effort was undertaken top to bottom, with CRA board members and individual chapters across the country dialing in support of Jack. 

Over 70,000 calls were made in the initial primary race, and nearly as many were made in the following runoff. Over 20,000 were made in a single day before the runoff election, shattering expectations and previous CRA records. Political Director Ahmed AlBadrani led the charge with his UC Berkeley Chapter, who together made over 45,000 calls - around a third of CRA’s total effort. 

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