Biden to Unveil Measures to Address ‘Alarming Rise’ of Anti-Semitism on Campuses

President Joe Biden is set to unveil a series of new measures on Tuesday aimed at addressing the rise of anti-Semitism, particularly in the wake of pro-Palestinian protests that swept college campuses and led to discrimination complaints.

The announcement will be part of a keynote address at an event hosted by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. According to the White House, President Biden will use this platform to reaffirm the nation’s “Never again” commitment to the Jewish people. This pledge, stemming from the Holocaust, underscores America’s resolve to prevent such atrocities from recurring in the future.

In addition to emphasizing this commitment, President Biden will discuss “the importance of recounting the crimes of the Holocaust and the events that led to it as the world watched with indifference,” according to the White House. His speech will also cover “how too many people are downplaying” both the Holocaust and the Hamas terror group’s Oct. 7, 2023, deadly rampage in Israel.

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