Biden faces impatient Left and has few options as Roe hangs in balance

The day after a draft opinion showing the Supreme Court on the cusp of overturning Roe v. Wade leaked to the press, President Joe Biden found himself in a familiar place: in the most left-wing Democrats' crosshairs.

Biden condemned the opinion as “radical” and said it goes “way overboard.” But he inflamed pro-abortion rights activists when he spoke about the landmark ruling that allows women “to abort a child.” Chanting “Shame on Joe” outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, protesters chided the president for failing to prepare the public for the decision being reversed.

For months, Biden has faced criticism for leaning on euphemisms such as "Roe" or “reproductive healthcare” to describe abortion rather than the word itself. The activist group We Testify has led the charge online, lambasting Biden for his rhetorical two-step from the Twitter handle “@SayAbortionJoe.” About a Texas ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, the group said last week that Biden “hasn’t done much of anything.”
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