Biden Administration Hands Down Record Amount of Regulations in April

The Biden administration set a major milestone in April, mandating more regulations in a single week than were enacted during both terms of the Obama administration, a new report says.

According to the April 22 ‘Week in Regulation’ report released by the American Action Forum (AAF), a conservative think tank that monitors federal regulations, 20 new federal directives issued the previous week amounted to $875.3 billion in total costs and added 4.7 million annual paperwork burden hours, based on the agencies’ estimates.

Calling it “the biggest week on record” for federal mandates, the AAF stated that more rules were handed down, but the report only accounted for the ones that had quantifiable costs.

Topping the list was new auto tailpipe emissions standards, designed to force automakers to shift production from gas-fueled cars and trucks to electric vehicles (EVs). These standards, issued in final form by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on April 18, regulate emissions from vehicle tailpipes but do not take into account the extensive CO2 emissions from the mining and refining of battery raw materials or the construction of EVs.

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